The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians

ABOUT Warren Brown

Warren Brown
Warren Brown is a published Author with ten books listed on Amazon. Warren is a Life Coach, Copywriter, Poet and Internet Marketer. Warren is married and lives in London.


The Secret Race is about the minority Anglo-Indian community, which originated in India during the British Colonial Period. The term Eurasian and Anglo-Indian came about from the early 17th century, when British and European men had affairs or married Indian women. The children from this union came to be known as Anglo-Indians. This book is about the Anglo-Indian race today, which is on the brink of extinction.

Warren Brown is of Anglo-Indian heritage and grew up in Calcutta, India. Anglo-Indians are the only English speaking, Christian community in India, whose Mother tongue is English and who have a Western lifestyle in the sub-continent of India. Anglo-Indians originated during the Colonial period in India. When British soldiers and traders had affairs or married Indian women their offspring came to be known as Anglo-Indians or Eurasians in history.