My Bouquet of Kisses

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My Bouquet of Kisses

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Twins, Jan and Joe, have a childhood riddled with secrets.  Bits and pieces of truth are unveiled in underhanded and at times accidental ways.  ‘Mom,’ reveals that she’s adopted them.  Magically, their biological mother appears.  Jan’s clings to hope, believing she has come to rescue them.  Jan’s dream remains a nightmare as she is quickly disappointed.  As teenagers, ‘Mom’ makes the decision to leave sunny California.  The great migration leads them to Pass Christian, Mississippi.  The transition is met with mixed emotions as they attempt to create family bonds with their biological family in nearby New Orleans.

J.D. Anderson lays out her unabashed memoirvividly capturing the emotions felt while enduring a childhood filled with abandonment, emotional and physical suffrage.  Uncertainty invades her she discovers she can’t escape her past until she confronts it.  A classic with emotional chills that soon turns into a tale of strength.