Sample of "The Don Q Point of View"

General Fiction

By Hunt Henion

Publisher : Shift Awareness Books

ABOUT Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion
Hunt Henion writes for the Examiner and has been involved in deciphering the spiritual nature of life his entire life. He has a PhD in Religious Studies and is a best-selling author.  He's written five books and compiled two anthologies (both Amazon Best-sellers)..



Cervantes's stoires retold from Quixote's perspective.

          “…his character's evolving consciousness in sequential lifetimes suggests a karmic series of actions and consequences…compatible with the most robust cases evaluated by the Reincarnation Experiment.” (Paul Von Ward, author of The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation.)

“ In addition to inspiring views, Henion shares stories behind the stories.  … his style of pinpointing motivations and actions made for even more interesting reading.  --Michelle A. Payton, Ph.D., Author of “Birth Mix Patterns,” “Healing What’s Real,” and“Soul”utions. 


Now, more than four centuries on, Hunt Henion’s The Don Q Point of View comes as the latest in a long line of tributes. It might be thought difficult to say anything new about the Don, but in these pages we have a reliving of the Man of la Mancha’s life and hard times that is startling in its originality."

-- Christopher Rollason, Ph.D, Metz, France – rollason@9online,