The Hunt for Bigfoot (Book One, Human Origins Series)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Lisa A. Shiel

Publisher : Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC

ABOUT Lisa A. Shiel

Lisa A. Shiel
LISA A. SHIEL researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history. She has been interviewed for big-city newspapers, national magazines, TV news, and talk radio shows including the G. Gordon Liddy show. Lisa has a master’s degree in library scienc More...


Ancient cosmic visitors to Earth. The destruction of Atlantis. Questions about human evolution. Bigfoot sightings around the world. Researchers like Erich von Daniken, Graham Hancock, Loren Coleman, and many others have raised the questions and proposed alternative theories. In The Hunt for Bigfoot, author Lisa A. Shiel explores her own theories to answer the age-old question -- where did we come from?

Katy Gallagher, website designer and would-be anthropologist, and historian Charlie Bergren scour the Earth for proof that current evolutionary theories are flawed. Their quest turns dangerous when Katy is threatened and Charlie vanishes. Katy joins forces with Charlies son, amateur Egyptologist Rick Bergren, to find Charlie. Plunging into the depths of Michigans north woods, they tumble into a doubleedged mystery -- a hidden Bigfoot society protected by an ancient race with highly advanced technology who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets and a mysterious billionaire willing, for his own reasons, to kill to preserve the Bigfoot legend.

To stay alive, Katy and Rick must unravel an enigma half a billion years in the weaving. They must find the creatures science says cannot exist.

The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel is the first book in the Human Origins Series. In The Hunt for Bigfoot, Lisa A. Shiel provides far more than another scary tale of Bigfoot monsters. The Hunt for Bigfoot delves into the hows and whys and whens, weaves seemingly disparate theories into a coherent whole, and wraps it all in a compelling mystery.

The characters were well done and I found myself wanting to learn more about them. The action is well thought-out and written with real dialog. The descriptions are good and when the science or any facts were dealt with I found it quite interesting and wasn't bored at all. I might add that having passed through Yoho National Park many times I was impressed with the accuracy of the descriptions. It also gives her descriptions of the other locales that I haven't personally been to more credibility. So, did I enjoy this book? Do I recommend it? Yes to both. I would be interested in finding out what happens to the characters and this is the best praise for any book. Good Reading.--Dan Fabian, Bards Ink

An exciting, well-researched rollercoaster ride of a novel...I approached this book with some scepticism, but enjoyed every last page. --Paul Vella, Center for Fortean Zoology

A lively, exciting and gripping piece of fiction based around the Bigfoot mystery -- and a number of other mysteries, too! If you are even remotely interested in cryptozoology, ancient cosmic visitors, the legends of Atlantis, human evolution and more, then grab a copy of The Hunt For Bigfoot by Lisa Shiel as soon as possible. --Nick Redfern, Phenomena Magazine

I could easily see this book turned into a movie. It begins with a murder that I could see being on the screen before the opening credits and goes on from there. Quite frankly, it doesnt matter whether you believe that Bigfoot exists as the author does or if you choose not to believe in these ideas at all. Its an entertaining book either way. I encourage everyone who enjoys mysteries to read this book. You can also astound your friends by the knowledge you acquired concerning human evolution or the lack there of. --Andrew Grgurich, Marquette Mining Journal

A good read for an evening campfire setting gathered around in front of pitched tents near a lake. --Independent Publishing Review