The Evolution Conspiracy, Vol I: Exposing Life's Inexplicable Origins & the Cult of Darwinism

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By Lisa A. Shiel

Publisher : Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC

ABOUT Lisa A. Shiel

Lisa A. Shiel
LISA A. SHIEL researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history. She has been interviewed for big-city newspapers, national magazines, TV news, and talk radio shows including the G. Gordon Liddy show. Lisa has a master’s degree in library scienc More...


Evolution. That one word, deceptive in its simplicity, has transformed the way we look at ourselves and everything around us. Once thought of as unique, man has become one of the animals with no special claim on the planet. As children, few of us question what we learn in biology class about the origins of life and the position man holds in the hierarchy. Science textbooks present evolution as fact -- indisputable, inevitable, and incomprehensible to everyone outside the exalted few with PhDs in the appropriate fields.

The Evolution Conspiracy promotes one key premise -- anyone can understand evolution.

Evolutionists focus their defensive efforts on Creationist claims, giving the impression that nobody except religious zealots disputes evolution. Shiel approaches the subject from a different perspective. Instead of criticizing evolution in an effort to promote her personal beliefs, she's chosen to examine evolutionary theories and the evidence attached to them through a secular lens.

Read. Think. Decide for yourself.

Shiel is consistently convincing in her new book, The Evolution Conspiracy, that evolutionary scientists have defined facts and theory to suit themselves[and] have circumvented the true scientific method. -Dr. Quinton R. Rogers, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Molecular Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis "This gem of a book sheds light on the current status of evolution as a scientific theory. Lisa A. Shiels examines the question from a strictly scientific point of view, carefully evaluating various categories of evidence, ranging from microbiology to paleontology. For the most part, the evidence fails to support the theory of evolution to the extent its supporters claim. The book is concise, lucid, and to the point. Although authoritative and well referenced, it is written in such a way as to be accessible to all levels of readers, from intelligent high school students to doctoral candidates at universities." -Michael A. Cremo, Author, Forbidden Archeology [Shiels] discussion of the issues concerning evolution in relation to biology is solid. -Dr. Jacquelyn W. McClelland, Professor, North Carolina State University "Lisa Shiel has given readers an opportunity to challenge their views on evolution and how man became...What I particularly liked about this book is the author is not saying evolutionists are wrong--she is just questioning how we came up with certain answers without any true observation or clear definition of terms...The author takes us right from the beginning of the definition of life, through genetic clues to naming species and subspecies...Everyone should take the time to read this book and develop their own thoughts and learn to question what is told to us. I have taken what I read from this book and used it in my psychology classes with my students to teach them that sometimes what we know or have been taught may not be true." ReaderViews "A powerful argument against the shibboleths of Evolutionists and the cult of Darwin. Scientifically rigorous and extensively researched, this book offers a clear, concise look at the science and problems of evolutionary theory. Lisa Shiel systematically dismantles the arguments that have long been the cornerstone of Darwinian hegemony in the biological sciences in workmanlike fashion, illustrating exactly what is wrong with the theory in a compelling and easy-to-understand text. A triumph of logic over dogma!" -Timothy Birdnow, American Daily Review "Evolution is an issue that causes everyone to jump on their soapbox...Lisa Shiel is willing to question the scientists...Lisa Shiel makes the most difficult issues easy to comprehend. She explains the myriad of complex words, even providing the average Joe a glossary with useful definitions...This book is a delight because it encourages questioning and urges readers to think for themselves. Evolution has been taught so much in schools, we dont think we have a right to ask questions or disagree. Shiel reminds us that we can question, and we should." -BookPleasures