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Langdon Hues
"You know I'm a dreamer, with a heart of gold. I had to run away high, so I didn't come back..." Oh wait a minute, that's a Motley Crue song. I'm a 40 year old guy who thought life ended at 30, but then realized it's just beginning. So know I'm just enjoying life as best I can an More...


 "Imagine a Different Revelation: The devil rising remorseful for what he has Done!" Shouldn't he at least be given the chance to repent like everyone else? Isn't that what our prophets and Gods preach to us every day, that everyone can repent their sins. And really who better to take away the evils of the world than the one with all of the insights on how the twisted think!

After all, we've been told many things from our forefathers of human infancy: For the Earth is not the center of the universe, or even our solar system like once thought; nor is the Earth flat like previously predicted by early man. Maybe the fallen angel was just as young, ignorant and foolish like man.

Besides we still have much to learn- Like what exactly keeps the Earth and other planetoids from being engulfed by the immense gravitational of their stars? Centrifugal force? That requires constant perfection over time (or at the very least a lot of luck) that can't be obtained when stars shrink and expand.

Sure, the devil's going to rise back to Earth if you believe such things- But wouldn't you want to know Who, When, and How? And then maybe even Why?

Could this be how the supposedly final conflict between good and evil unfolds, with the Devil fighting on the side of good? Because in the highly theoretical world we live in, anything is possible- If not today, then tomorrow!

Or is it what will become the world's greatest sucker punch, or both? For even the best of intentions fall to the ground as the greatest of conflicts will always be the conflicts within our souls!

Add to that a glorious time to be alive when the completed Twin Tower's rise in the way we all had hoped as the biggest and most glorious spectacles in the world.

All in a story whose only design is to make you think!

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After spending some time in a sober house with eight other guys I became close with most of them. One in particular spent all of his time trying to calculate the end of the world. He often told me how the devil was to rise and the ensuing Ameggedon would occur. That's when I asked the question "What if the devil rose remorseful for what he has done, wanted to make up for all of his sins. Nobody would trust him even though he would be the best canidate to take away all of the evils of the world (because really, who better qualified?) And every one would discredit this possibility because of what they were taught by their elders, be it right or wrong. I also asked myself "How would I take over the world if I were the devil?" Giving an exact time and method as to how I would do it, and what I'd do once it were done.

“An absorbing novel written in a similar existential-conversation style as Scott Adams' "God's Debris", Langdon Hues' "Far Behind" follows the speculation of "what if the Devil's 2012 reawakening were to come from the Devil's remorse?" Touching upon the gamut of negative human emotions and conditions, from addiction to runaway anger and murder to the eternal, internal struggle between the selfish and the selfless that rages within, Far Behind in insightful, intriguing, and sure to provoke extended reflection and contemplation within the reader, as well as anticipation in the forthcoming sequel that speculates on how the Devil might (justly? benevolently?) take over the world! Highly recommended!”        Midwest Book Review      8/6/2010