Exploring web 2.0: Second Generation Interactive Tools.

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Ann Bell
Author of 11 Christian novels, 3 educational technology books, and 1 children's book.



Product Description
Exploring Web 2.0: Second Generation Interactive Tools - Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis, Networking, Virtual Worlds, and More is designed to help the casual computer user, students, parents, and teachers understand the latest in free and inexpensive web tools and their power for research, collaboration, and communication. It provides the history, background, and current overview of Web 2.0, RSS feeds, metadata, tags, tag clouds, and folksonomy to demystify the current jargon connected with this latest web phenomenon. Web 2.0 tools covered include: 1. Social bookmarking 2. Photo-sharing 3. Blogs 4. Podcasts 5. Vodcasts/Screencasts 6. Wikis 7. Mashups 8. Virtual Offices 9. E-Learning Course Management 10. Social/Professional Networking 11. Virtual Worlds 12. Online Communications
Review of Exploring Web 2.0 by Ann Bell 
Exploring Web 2.0: Second Generation, is a straight-forward venture into 
the complex world of Web usage. The author's meticulous research into every possible application of educational features and virtual devices to be found on the Web has resulted in an easy-to-read and understand compilation of available multi-media tools. 
The result is an honest and detailed text for the student and lay person 
alike to inspire use of these technologies. The reader is encouraged to evaluate and select new information and technological innovations to pursue a career or simply to use in their online experience. Countless links to Web sites guide the reader to immense resources of technological material. With this in-depth information, one can't lose in their quest 
for feasible ways to navigate the labyrinth of Web 2.0. 
Explanations of technological material and language peculiar to the genre is understandable to all levels of users.