Stormy Weather

General Fiction, Romance

By Geri Buckley

Publisher : Berkley

ABOUT Geri Buckley

Geri Buckley
Geri Buckley is a Georgia USA native who writes general fiction short stories, historical and contemporary romance novels, and women's fiction novels.

Her short fiction has appeared in several publications, including The Edifice of Literature, The Roswell Literary Review, The S More...



A contemporary tale of female empowerment and midlife crisis.
Meet the Thayers. They put the fun back in dysfunctional. Vonda Thayer deals with a cheating husband, mixed-up daughters, a cantankerous mother-in-law, a don't-you-have-one-more-spare-room father-in-law, and the hurricane that turns them all upside-down.
"Buckley offers up Paula Deen-style wit and "old farmer's advice"... Stormy Weather is a lively read." ~ Joanna Powell, People Magazine

"At times laugh out loud funny, Buckley's book manages to be both inspiring and realistic." ~ Publishers Weekly