The Wee Musketeers

Children's Books, Classics, Young Adult

By Robert Bresloff

Publisher : Gauthier Publications

The Wee Musketeers

ABOUT Robert Bresloff

Robert Bresloff
Robert Bresloff passion for the classics and adventure is packed into his novels for young readers. A former, professional musician and songwriter, he is currently writing for  print media and young adult readers. Robert lives in a Chicago suburb.


 It was early 1960's and there wasn't much else for three eleven year old boys to do in the small town where they lived.  Playing with wooden swords they would act out the novel, Bobby pretending to be Athos, Fritzy, Porthos and Keith, Aramis.  But since there were only three boys they had no D'Artagnan.  How the boys longed for a D'Artagnan to complete their games.  Little did they know that very book that inspired their game, the one Grandpa Max read to them often, was indeed magic.  Given to him by a mysterious old woman at a book sale, Bobby's Grandfather quickly discovered he could transport himself into the stories.  Once Grandpa Max realized he had interfered with the plot, unwittingly getting Athos, Porthos and Aramis captured by the cardinals guards to keep them from helping D'Artagnan, he summons Bobby and his friends to help him repair the damage.  If they fail every copy of The Three Musketeers would change forever.

Hungry Goat Press  $14.95                        
Middle grade reader:  ages 8-13
ISBN: 978-0-9820812-5-9
Publication Date:  March 2010       
Illustrator: Daniel Ziembo

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