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Himanshu Jhamb
Himanshu Jhamb, thrives on challenges in Software Project Management and has successfully led global teams in industries ranging from Telecommunications to eCommerce. Himanshu is Senior Project Manager for Atypon Systems and co-founder of Active Garage, where he frequently writ More...



Maligned and misunderstood yet supremely important, project management is the cornerstone of any strong and successful enterprise. And, as with any domain, there is much to learn from the experts. But books on project management have usually demanded significant commitments of time and effort. Until now.

Enter '#PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet', a handy little companion that brings you tweet-sized yet powerful insights into project management. Written by Guy Ralfe and Himanshu Jhamb, both veterans in the field, the book distills the authors' decades of experience, and offers you their wisdom and expertise without expecting you to commit several days into absorbing their lessons. As the authors explain, it was time someone wrote a book on Project Management that could be read from cover to cover in less than an hour.

'#PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet's' quick-read and accessible format makes sure that you immediately 'get' the authors' thought-provoking and time-tested insights and apply them directly to your own project management situations. Its tweet-sized wisdom keeps the reader's perspective firmly in mind. In concise chapters, the authors cover what your bosses, your team members and your customers would wish you to know about project management. Among the many gems the author share is this takeaway: Every 'unknown' in a project can be guaranteed to introduce a 'known' risk. But, with '#PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet' near at hand, you can be assured of immediately minimizing your risks and multiplying your successes in project management.

'#PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet Book01' is part of the THINKaha series whose 100-page books contain 140 bite-sized ideas for succeeding in creating and maintain smart partnerships.