Tales from a spanish Village

ABOUT Richard Barrett

richard barrett
My profession (before retiring) was cultural anthropologist.  I taughtanthropology at Temple University and at the University of New Mexico.  I have published 3 books: Benabarre:The Modernization of a Spanish Village; Culture and Conduct: An Excursion in Anthropology;and Tales from a Sp More...



Tales from a Spanish Village is about my experience as a cultural anthropologist in 1967-68 when I lived in a small peasant village in spain, collecting material for a doctoral dissertation.  It is a personal account, describing how I adjusted to the community and about the wonderful characters I met along the way.  Many of the chapters deal with these personalities: the great Isidro Sanz who could easily be 
mistaken forDon Quixote's sidekick, Sancho Panza; my deranged landlady who heeded voices from her stomach; an absolutely brilliant  
professor and the fabled and imperious Marieta, grand dame of the region.  But, above all, it is a frank, sometimes humorous, but tender
portrait of village Spain at the twilight of the Franco dictatorship.