"My Partner's Wife"

General Fiction, Romance

By Michael Glenn Yates

Publisher : R. J. Publications

My Partner's Wife

ABOUT Michael Glenn Yates

Michael Glenn Yates
Michael Glenn Yates, a police lieutenant in Central Virginia, developed a passion for writing at an early age. As he nurtured his artistic talent over the years, his genre of interest evolved into romantic suspense stories. He lives in Chesterfield, Virginia, with his beautiful wife--Robi More...



In this twisted tale of seduction, Marcus Williams finds himself taking refuge in the arms of a woman completely forbidden to him after he discovered his cheating fiancee's sexual trysts. His life spirals out of control after the death of his partner while the killer is still on the loose. Marcus is conflicted about his decision to honor his partner or to completely allow his heart to decide his fate. Always the sucker for love, Marcus starts to fall head over heels for his new partner's wife. However, with more deaths on the horizon, Marcus may soon find himself serving time with the same convicts he had been putting behind bars.