Cooking Tips From Around the World, A Culinary Travel Adventure

ABOUT Linda Naughton

Linda Naughton
I've been an adventurer all my life and decided to take a solo trip around the world and film culinary professionals. I sold most of my possessions and financed this trip starting in New Zealand and ending in Europe. It was a fabulous adventure and now with internet broadband speed, the vi More...



Cooking Tips From Around the World, A Culinary Travel Adventure, is an enhanced e-cookbook filled with recipes, tips, travel tales and video links from some of the best international culinary professionals filmed on a the author's solo trip around the world.

Learn how to prepare mussels, seafood and lamb from New Zealand. Classic Australian breads, desserts, tarts, fowl and more. You’ll learn how to make Dim Sum and Traditional Hong Kong recipes. Clay Pot cooking and Malay recipes and spices from Singapore plus Chinese Medicinal Tips. Balinese fruit carving, satay and rice dishes. Real Thai Classics from the one of the best cooking schools. Authentic Shepard’s Pie, soups, edible garden tips and British classic recipes. From Italy, you’ll learn and watch how to prepare the best Risotto, Polenta, sauces, desserts and much much more.

I was ready for an adventure and am an avid Foodie who worked with television crews on location. I decided to travel around the world, solo, with cameras and an ATW airline ticket. It was important to have culinary professionals teach their indigenous cuisines using ingredients available world-wide. After extensive research, I set off on this worldly adventure, and this e-cookbook is filled with the recipes, tips, video links and travel tales from that trip!