Bedtime Erotica

General Fiction, Romance

By Lexy Harper

Publisher : Ebonique Publishing

ABOUT Lexy Harper

Lexy Harper
I'm passionate about both erotica and romance. I read my first Mills and Boon when I was eight and a year later secretly read my first book of erotica, The Ring of Bondage. This book is sadly now out-of-print, but I still have a vivid memory of the stories. I penned my first work of eroti More...


Bedtime Erotica is a collection of eight explicit short stories that will leave a lasting impression. It starts off with a cautionary tale in Another Woman and quickly shifts to the more subtly erotic Double The Trouble, a story of a woman desired equally by her boyfriend and his identical twin. Lexy constantly turns the heat up and down with each story, leaving the reader's passions simmering until they get to Oxford Blue, a beautifully written tale of a mature woman's seduction by her son's friend that will make you question your morals and ends in a bang with Telephone Sex: a raw, nasty and in-your-face story which is a prelude to the next book in the series: Bedtime Erotica for Freaks (like me). The characters are all different: from the young, shy, virginal to the sassy, sexy, downright outrageous, mature, older woman. They each take a pleasure-filled adventure to satisfy a sexual hunger that craves ultimate fulfilment.
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5.0 out of 5 stars GT's answer to Zane!, January 11, 2006
This review is from: Bedtime Erotica (Paperback)
Lexy Harper is a new voice in erotica and one to watch. She strikes the perfect balance between good storylines and raunchy sex scenes. Each of the eight women has a completely different character and every female reader will identify with at least one of them.

My favourite is definitely Honey in Telephone Sex - girlfriend is off-the-charts. Reading her story while travelling to work on public transportation is strictly not recommended. You will look like a crazy person laughing your head off, all by yourself, as you follow her exploits on her quest for the well-hung man of her dreams.

Women who love twins will sympathise with Alyson's plight in Double the Trouble - she has to choose between identical brothers. Or does she? She can have one or the other - or have them both. Good girl Tonya discovers her father's dark side and decides to follow his example in Do as I Say. Suzette drank too much The Night Before. The next morning she wakes up in bed with a very sexy woman. Soon, she realizes that alcohol has nothing to do with the intoxication she feels when she is with Mackenzie.

Darleen is a mature Black woman, running a very successful newspaper. She doesn't need to sleep her way to the top, so she's Sleeping Her Way to the Bottom and having a lot of fun doing so! Lonely, horny Elizabeth is so desperate she is regularly having Fruits and Vegetables. But girlfriend is not eating them like her mother advised. Valerie has the perfect marriage, a husband who loves her and a very comfortable lifestyle. She would do anything for her husband. Anything, except the one thing he wants most - to see Another Woman make love to her. Emma is only in her mid-thirties but she is bored with life and worse of all her husband hasn't make love to her in over three years. But ten days with Samuel, a man young enough to be her son, gives her a new lease of life.

Definitely worth the money but you could buy a copy with a close friend and share it, though you may lose your friend when he or she refuses to give it back when you need it.