Unlearn Your Pain

ABOUT Howard Schubiner

Howard Schubiner
Dr. Howard Schubiner is board certified in pediatrics, adolescent
medicine, and internal medicine and is the director of the Mind
Body Medicine Center at Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI.
He is a Clinical Professor at Wayne State University School of
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Based upon cutting-edge research and written by an esteemed
research physician, Unlearn Your Pain demonstrates that most
chronic pain is caused by learned nerve pathways. Learned
nerve pathways produce real pain that is typically triggered by
injury and/or significant stressful events. This simple, yet
revolutionary concept is the basis for a treatment approach that
has been proven to be effective in research studies. Unlearn
Your Pain provides the reader with the scientific basis for
understanding the cause of their pain and a comprehensive
step-by-step self-help guide that includes therapeutic writing
exercises and meditations to reverse it.