Peter Carrot-top "In Search of the 8th Key"

Children's Books

By Yolanda Jackson

Publisher : E-booktime

ABOUT Yolanda Jackson

Yolanda Jackson
My name is Yolanda A. Jackson, born on April 3, 1980 in
Rockford, IL. I have been writing from the age of twelve, mostly
Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but my writing skills go far beyond the norm
into Horror and Animation. I first discovered my talent as a writer
when I c More...



Go on a Fantasy Ride with Peter,the first ghost child to be born on Earth, when his parents discover's Peter's magical abilities they must leave earth and enter back into the land of Baja where Peter will find children who has magical abilites just like him and attend the Great Waldorf Academy there Peter will learn how to control his abilities and protect the land from the Seven Wizards of the Forest and their Leagues of extrodinary Monsters.