Imaginary Friends

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Yolanda Jackson

Publisher : e-booktime

ABOUT Yolanda Jackson

Yolanda Jackson
My name is Yolanda A. Jackson, born on April 3, 1980 in
Rockford, IL. I have been writing from the age of twelve, mostly
Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but my writing skills go far beyond the norm
into Horror and Animation. I first discovered my talent as a writer
when I c More...



Everyone has or had an Imaginary Friend in their lives one time or another,But what did yours tell

you to do? Does yours tell you to cheat,kill,or destroy? or do they simply talk to you at night?

Many are affarid to answer these questions, but if one choose to ignore them, sometimes they can

become so real,They will surely over power your mind and every rational thought you ever had; so

take sometime to investigate the voices that are talking to you, the longer you ignore them, the

stronger they will become.

Take a look into the life of a small town girl who was constantly abuse by her mother and complete

strangers,she was hid away from the public by her mother in an old cellar, it was there that she first

discovered her ability to create Imaginary friends,And once the Imaginary Friends where formed she

send them all out on a revenge killing,But was it the Imaginary Friends doing the killing or her?