My author name is Eliza Earsman. I was born and raised in the southern uplands of Scotland in a decent working class family. I am a committed Christian, and enjoy family, variety, clean air and fresh people. The networking opportunities afforded by belonging to several international groups More...


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The Olive tree/The Mount of Olives/of The Cross. ‘Papaver Rheoas’ – the Poppy Fields of Flanders/international Remembrance Days. The Gravestones are in recognition of the fallen of World Wars 1 and 2. The Olive Tree and poppies do grown together. At the bottom, strong young poppies are coming in from the right.



Despite failed attempts to silence this author, details emerge of the spiritual contentions and intentions of Britain’s Mountbatten-Windsor Royal family, their inner circles/familiar spirits, and horrifying realities behind Scottish Ritual Freemasons. Their World War III agenda is exposed. This evidence will move, shock, and sadden readers as a story of loss, faith, love, action, and grief unfolds. But - remnants of joy and laughter engage readers as the details encompass the author’s Scottish lowland birth, background, childhood, adulthood, and calling at the age of forty. Sensible and multicultural readers will benefit from insightful access to understanding the historical content and context. Based on integrity, goodwill, and an already high worldwide profile, Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story provides an opportunity to step into the life of one courageous outspoken woman! A must-read!


SCOTTISH RITUAL FREEMASONRY: a group that has tried fervently to stay under the radar! There is awareness that the details involved in and affect us all. I have done much to enhance international communication. In 2005 I made sure the details of Days of Elijah: A True Story were lodged with THE INSTITUTE OF WAR DOCUMENTATION, HOLLAND. History is proving that the details are correct but that public reaction time is much too slow. Your help is appreciated.

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