Spiritual Power: Christians Breaking Free From Fleshly Limitations

Spiritual Power: Christians Breaking Free From Fleshly Limitations

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Geary Smith
B.S. Psychology, M.Ed. Married Tonnette, two daughters, Jessica and Somer.  Writer for 23 years with published stories, and articles in Highlights for Children, Child Life, Viatouch and McGraw-Hill.  Love to read, write, jog and play golf. Spiritual Power: Christians Breaking Free From  More...



As I travel to different towns and cities across the country, I have witness something that was only in the imaginations and thoughts of many Christians years ago-Mega Churches.  Mega Churches that can hold thousands of Christians and host a myriad of events and conferences. 
However, once Christians leave these magnificent structures, and return back to their homes, jobs, schools, and communities, where is the impact and power for spiritual change?
Never before have we read depressing headlines in the news, and witness horrible events.  There are unspeakable crimes being committed against self and others, increase in drug abuse and usage at alarming rates, increase in illiteracy and school drop out rates, increase in divorce rates, which leads to the destructions of homes and families, and increase in crimes and incarceration rates.
With these negative rates on the rise, we can't help to asked....where is the Spiritual Power in the lives of Christians?
Centuries ago, Jesus Christ would many times tell his Disciples, "Oh ye of little faith."  Even though, many times his Apostles and Disciples walked and talked with Jesus and witnessed his power and authority, they did not believe and have the faith to manifest the same power.  Many years later, the Apostle Paul when he came back to the church at Corinth, noticed that they had not grown or matured spiritually, and was still on milk, instead of meat.  So, many times, we as Christians let our fleshly limitations, hinder us from growing spiritually, and living as God originally intended  , with power and authority over our circumstances and environments-Spiritual Power: Christians Breaking Free From Fleshly Limitations- offers Ten principles to make you aware of who and what we have in Christ Jesus abundantly clear.