The Weight Of Night - Volume II

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By CL Stegall

Publisher :

ABOUT CL Stegall

CL Stegall
I am a Dallas-based writer of novellas and novels in the modern fantasy genre.  I have also written short stories of every type from drama to fantasy.  I have a new novel coming out in January 2011.



Alexis Rain is from a well-to-do family, has a perfect memory and a bright future. But, when her mother dies in an auto accident, Alexis’ life is turned upside down. She discovers that she is being watched by a strange man, her photographic memory is so much more than that, and her entire life has been based around a lie. What’s a girl to do but search out the truth? What Alexis finds is that the truth is much bigger than she could have imagined… and, more dangerous.
"One absolutely incredible read with a pace that leaves you wanting more. The characters jump off the page and make you either love them or hate them - and believe me, there are a couple guys there that I don’t trust or like - or better yet, those types of characters you just love to hate.
As I followed Alexis on that horrifying adventure I felt for her as I would a friend, and could actually feel her sorrow and desperation. It’s how you imagine a true friend and what’ll do for you." - John J Smith, author of "Delayed Flight"