Is Your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution

Is Your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution

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Peter Giblett
I work with YOU to guarantee your business is ready to face the next generation of challenges in the Social Media world.

Author of "Is Your Business Ready? For the Social Media Revolution" available now on Amazon

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Are you ready for the world's next media frontier?

Is Your Business Ready for the Social Media Revolution? This handbook brings a down to earth understanding of how business can adapt and leverage these new dynamic channels. Social media is more about personality and the message that we communicate than traditional advertising lore. It is a new way of making connections and soon it will impact every business on this planet.

Advertising is in its traditional form is often a one-way communications approach, yet to utilize Social Media it is essential to be involved in the conversation. This demonstrates expertise, builds trust, and adds another dimension to marketing conversations. With social channels, like Twitter, it can be a cost effective medium, but if advertising is your sole reason for being there then people will soon ignore you, or worse block you, ensuring they never (ever) see you again. It is imperative for your business to bring value to that conversation, for example offering articles of interest through a blog, or perhaps highlighting relevant industry news for your audience: this is a trust based approach.

This handbook is about ensuring your business is ready to face the challenges of trading in the Social Media community. Rules are changing. Business is about building those trust based relationships.