On The Fly

Humor, Romance

By Blue Quill Books

Publisher : Blue Quill Books

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Blue Quill Books
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Brian MacDonald is a professional game angling instructor and this red-blooded male is a bit of a loveable rogue. He is rather fond of women and even fonder of sex, and will avail himself of any opportunity presenting itself.

Before long, his phallic philanderings get him into trouble, and his plans start to go awry.

Sandwiched between his misadventures with an assortment of women - including a professional rival, Marie the receptionist, and the pink-haired bride of a Lord - a near drowning incident brings the mysterious Lily into his life.

A lothario's dream come true, the strikingly beautiful and seemingly sexually insatiable Lily drives him to distraction by appearing at the most unexpected moments…and giving him the best experiences of his life.

But could there be more to the enigmatic woman than meets the eye?

**Warning: Pretty saucy stuff, with a smattering of innuendo, smut and bad language - May not be suitable for anglers of a nervous disposition. Over 18 please**

I couldn't find any fiction books set in the world of angling, so I wrote my own. If you can't have a laugh at men in tweed and rubber waders, who can you make fun of?

You have written a most interesting, sexy and humourous storyline, I do like the fishing theme and the title of your book "On the Fly" is very clever. Your character development of Brian is excellent as is your use of imagery. The story is well paced and a pleasure to read. Backed.
Andrew Burans ~ Author,The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

*  *  *

"Checking the condition of his tackle and handling his rod at frequent intervals brings short-lived relief."

Racy indeed!! :o

*  *  *

Hehehehe. This is really cute and should be quite a hit with anglers. I don't usually do well with adult material, but at least up through the third chapter, while it got warm, it wasn't excessively detailed and the story is amusing.
D.L. Stroupe

*  *  *

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, Jillian. I read the prologue and first three chapters without blinking an eye. You remain one of my favourite writers here, but I now can call you a deviant without feeling guilty for naming you so. This is very inventive. After Brian's tryst with the Lady, I thought he'd be knocking boots with Mary after she'd 'jumped' him. What came next was perfect.

How does it feel to have such a grasp of grammar and punctuation that you receive the following nits from me?


Gerry Johnston ~ Author, Dropcloth Angels

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