Original Confucianism: An Introduction to the Superior Person

ABOUT Adam Dietz

Adam Dietz
I am a recent PhD graduate in Philosophy and Religion, specifically the field of Asian and Comparative Studies.  My wife and I spent a year teaching and traveling in China after I finished my master's degree.  I recently published 'Original Confucianism: An Introduction to the Superior P More...


Confucian philosophy can be seen in its depth, simplicity, profound practicality and relevance to contemporary daily life through the example of the "chun tzu," the superior person. What makes one a superior person? How do superior people practice virtue to deal with change? The personality of the superior person is clearly described in the original "Four Books" of Confucianism. Their self-cultivation, through any situation, is laid out in the Ten Wings commentary on the I Ching, the Book of Changes. Emphasizing virtue, anyone can be a superior person helping to make the world peaceful from the inside out.