Three Days with Mary

ABOUT Robert Young

Robert Young
Given Robert Allan Young’s stature as one of today’s most compelling and sought after Christian fiction writers, it’s easy to let the reviews and numbers overshadow the essential reason why he’s come so far in the first place. As he says with typical understatement, “I’m just  More...



Perfect love is when you sacrifice your own wants, needs and desires for someone else in order to enhance their life... And when you find it, you hold on to it. You protect it with every ounce of your being. Nothing can interfere with it.”

Brian LeClair, an aging sports star has been broken by his own choices and tries running from the pains of his own life. But by circumstance, he becomes trapped in a historic bed and breakfast in Mississippi by a violent storm and spends three days with Mary Lake, the innkeeper, where he is forced to confront his beliefs, his purpose and his heart. Three Days with Mary is an emotional journey of one man’s redemption and salvation and his discovery of something we all strive for, perfect love.