The Mirror Maze

ABOUT Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker



In 1981, Tom Brungar from Norway was arrested at the Mexico City airport, while smuggling cocaine from Peru to California. He then served five years in Mexican prisons. Half the time was in four prisons in Mexico City and the remainder on the notorious Islas des Marias. This true story begins with Tom's history, career, global travels and increasing drug addiction, resulting in his life-changing ordeal. It has a strong anti-drug message and displays that inhumane prison treatment and torture must stop in the name of humanity. Tom achieved the seemingly impossible in order to survive, via amazing perseverance, transformation of inner awareness, physical and psychological strength. His intelligence, talents and ability to quickly learn the culture and language helped amuse his fellow prisoners and captors. He and a Mexican prison psychologist, Adriana, met and fell in love. She played a major part, along with the Norwegian Embassy in Mexico City, in obtaining his release. The Mirror Maze is multi-faceted, intertwining Tom's personal, philosophical and spiritual life-changing revelations on a background of socio-political issues. The title signifies the "Mirror" he saw himself in and the "Maze" he traveled through to arrive at the exit. Upon his release in 1986, Tom went back to Norway. He was welcomed home and hired by the Norwegian government to assist immigrant refugees. Our sweet Tom lived a peaceful life until age 65. His wish and promise to God was that his story be told and we are carrying this out.