Summer Heat

Gay & Lesbian, Romance

By KB Cutter

Publisher : Noble Romance Publishing


KB Cutter
I have had a love affair with the written word for as long as I can remember. I've been writing in every conceivable genre for the past decade. I've now become a professionally published author!



Summer: Brilliant blue sky, pristine sandy beach, the tang of brine wafting through the air. Hard bodies splashing in the surf. Cool drinks in frosted glasses, what more could one want? For Madison and Kate, two intimately close friends, it is Paradise.
Madison left her troubles behind on the mainland, so why was she still plagued by them? Why couldn’t she be more like Kate, uninhibited, sexually confident? This was supposed to be a relaxing beach getaway, so why wasn’t it?

Madison didn’t have the answers; distracted by her pending divorce, angst over her own sexuality and Kate’s body and scorching libido, how could she think straight? Coupled with a chance encounter with a local Surfer Boy, sexually charged erotic fantasy collides with reality.

And as the sun heats up the beach, the passion between Kate and Madison grows twice as hot.
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