Making Our Difference

Gay & Lesbian, General Fiction, Romance

By Ericka Simpson

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ABOUT Ericka Simpson

Ericka Simpson
I am a self-published author who enjoys the daily pleasures in life.



Making Our Difference, the sequel to In Fear of Losing You, picks up with Kat, Lex, Genius and Sweets in committed relationships. However, they soon experience the hardships that come with being with a same sex partner.  The happiness in their new found love is overshadowed with conflict when spiritual beliefs, military life, and the need for same sex couples civil rights reminds them that they will need more than love to protect the ones they hold dear to their hearts.  Will these four couples be strong enough to withstand the unexpected storms that have brought a torrential downpour into their lives? Will the bonds built within this circle have enough faith, power, strength and love to help them establish a place of peace and equality for themselves and for their families in the world today? 

True love came and swept Kat off her feet but is she really ready to be in a monogamous relationship for the first time? Lex and Ayanna's life is as perfect as they come...until tragedy strikes. Will they be able to keep their family together or lose everything they live for? Genius decided to turn in her playa card and make Ciara her one and only but will the advances from another tempt Genius back to the single life? Sweets finally found love with Janet but will Janet's past remind her of what she used to have and cause her to want it again?