My Rising Up

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By Jennifer Dean

Publisher : HigherLife Publishing

My Rising Up

ABOUT Jennifer Dean

Jennifer Dean
In addition to being a certified Medical Technologist (with an emphasis in Clinical Microbiology), Jennifer L. Dean is also a published author, having just made a debut with her first novel entitled My Rising Up, officially published 2010.  More about this novel can be found on her web More...


Reacquainting himself with Someone he once knew before life on the streets, Brendan Maxwell is determined to rise from the ashes and live a God-ordained life.

Along the way, he faces battles in love, school, judgments from others and guilt for his past mistakes. His determination is tested even further when he encounters challenges from a well-known enemy that had once taken him down...

Discover Brendan's rising journey from death to life as he learns that loss and devastation are nothing compared to a force far greater and eternal, a force that brings healing and hope for an abundant life.

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