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By Kate Buckley

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Kate Buckley
Kate worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood, developing and writing teleplays about women's issues. After receiving her MA in Human Development, Kate worked as a teen advocate in the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women's Teen Abuse Prevention Project. She also trained to be par More...


Binge drinking, date rape, family secrets, and teen pregnancy collide in Choices, a compelling and bumpy coming-of-age journey that hurtles fifteenyear- old Kara MacNeill into a state of panic, fear, and confusion.

A sophomore at an all-girls Catholic academy in Colorado, Kara finds herself crossing the line into womanhood after an arrogant high school basketball star rapes and impregnates her, and then urges her to get an abortion. Facing lifealtering decisions and a major confrontation with her conservative Catholic parents, Kara discovers the allies that will help her to deal with her crisis and recover from her mistakes.

Choices is the powerful story of a teenage girl who learns to think for herself, take responsibility for her choices, and discover a solid sense of self along the way.

I read an article in the LATimes about a mother crossing a picket line to take her fifteen year old daughter to a Planned Parenthood clinic. Once inside, the doctor recognized her and asked, "Didn't I see you in that picket line last week?" To which the mother replied, "This is different, this is my daughter." I created a TV movie treatment which ultimately evolved into my young adult novel, Choices.

Ms. Magazine: "This young adult novel tackles date rape and abortion with remarkable tenderness."
Kirkus: "... a fast paced story that portrays real events to which many teens can easily relate."
Book Divas: "I loved this book and could not put it down. It kept me locked into the terrifying aspect of teen partying and date rape ... I recommend this book to every teen girl."
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