Fallen Embers

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Lauri J Owen

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

ABOUT Lauri J Owen

Lauri J Owen
Lauri J Owen is a civil rights lawyer who grew up in Idaho's Treasure Valley. She started reading fantasy novels in the third grade, and other than taking time out to sleep, never really stopped. The oldest child of a homemaker and police officer, Lauri worked for more than a decade in law More...


Was it the unnatural flame that transported Kiera and her nephew to an alternate feudal Alaska one snowy afternoon, or did the strange dog's attack have something to do with it? All she knows is that now she and Alex are in an icy land ruled by a class of decadent mages who have enslaved the shapechanging, indigenous peoples. Kiera soon finds herself finding to save three children from an army -- and to her astonishment, does so by summoning fire.

Before she can find her way home she must learn more about the local systems of magic and her own powers. On whose side should she fight? Whom can she trust -- Marco, the young mage she saves, or fierce and handsome Laszlo, the slave captain of ruling Lord Vayu's army?

Kiera's path leads her deeper into Alaska, to joy and to heartbreak. Choosing to follow her heart may cost her everything.
"With wit and passion, Lauri Owen constructs a world both fantastic and familiar -- a world of strong women and the occasional valiant and ethical man in a world of patriarchal poseurs and obedient drones. Like Dorothy in Oz, Kiera struggles heroically to be taken seriously by men--and to finally get home; unlike Dorothy, though, her adventures are morally complex, cleverly witty, and deliciously sexy."

Michael Kimmel
author of Manhood in America

"Flawlessly written and deeply compelling. Lauri J Owen takes you on a journey through the wilds of an alternate Alaska, full of strange, new magic. Snared in the complex politics that suppress the weak and betrayed by the love that she finds, Kiera must battle against more than just a corrupted nobility in her search for justice and the way back home. We are drawn with her relentlessly as she follows her heart regardless of the price, to emerge from this dark and enthralling fantasy with hope for the future."

Pippa Jay
author of Keir

"Lauri J. Owen's Fallen Embers is a gorgeously written journey into an alternate-world Alaska ruled by powerful magic. Kiera is an unforgettable heroine finding her way in this strange, cruel land as she discovers her own mysterious powers. At the heart of it all is a passionate love story with a hero to die for. Be warned, you'll have a hard time putting this book down and it will stay with you long after you do. I highly recommend Fallen Embers to anyone who loves magic, passion, and wonderful storytelling,"

Juniper Bell
author of My Three Lords

"A deliciously rich, empowering fantasy epic that features complex and realistic characters. Every woman who has had her beauty, her competence, her worth questioned will find in Kiera a relatable heroine that proves one person's strength and compassion can not only make a difference but inspire a nation."

Lesleigh J. Owen
co-author, Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society

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