Reapers, Inc.- Rogue Reaper

ABOUT B.L. Newport

B.L. Newport
Officially: B.L. Newport was born with a strong belief and sensitivity in the supernatural side of life. After growing up in the small Northwest Arkansas town of Siloam Springs, she has lived in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. During these journeys, B.L. has discovered the joys of har More...



It's been nine months since Seamus Flannery issued his threat to Brigit Malone; but the question still looms: what will she be sorry for?
Reapers, Inc. is growing steadily and Brigit is starting to feel the stress of being Head Reaper while John Blackwick continues his quest to re-open satellite offices. Her mood is accelerated by the inability to consistantly go home to Maggie, a missing Bailey, facing a ghost from her mortal past and the fact that she hasn't had a cup of coffee in weeks. When Seamus finally finds the means to his promised revenge, Brigit will risk her immortal soul for the one thing that matters most.