ABOUT Michael Quirke

Michael Quirke
Michael Quirke  Bio: Presently living in Spain, after recently returning from the Caribbean writing for 5 years! Born:  London England,      Divorced with daughter Lucy Educated in England and Japan  Moved to Japan from England 1961-1965. Educated Hosei University and Trained More...



From the diamond mines of Ethiopia, too the modern day murder slavery and kidnap.


A fabled palace built out of diamonds, to an insight into the workings of the human mind coming to grips with greed and lust.


Roma is a disgruntled Ex KGB agent, whose daring diamond heist in the heart of Amsterdam opens a Pandora’s Box that no one can close.


King Solomon’s treasure, to world domination on a scale never dreamed of before.


A Columbian drug lord who rips his victims to pieces using his own personalized lion’s claws. To a psychotic killer who’s only interest in life is killing the one man who keeps his lust for life alive.


The most secret of secret society’s who’s leaders control our leaders, and everything we do. 


The ultimate game of life over death for the highest price payable. The world’s greatest assassin tests his skills and bets everything he has, against everything his prey has!


All culminating in the ultimate power struggle, and the old question! When is enough ever enough?   


A story based in truth from the foundation of the DeBeers Empire, to what really goes on today.