Business Plan: Building Brand Identity (An Indie Author's Advertising Plan)

ABOUT Jess C Scott

Jess C Scott
I write edgy/contemporary novels, and am an author + artist + general non-conformist ;)

My first two books (EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, and 4:Play) are multiple-genre-crossing. I enjoy including psychological and emotional elements in my work, as I believe this adds a level of depth More...



Contemporary writer Jess C Scott’s 35-page business/advertising plan, on establishing brand identity. This plan also shows the opportunities that independent publishing offers, which traditional publishing does not. Jess is currently an English/Business senior at Adams State College; this 35-page plan was submitted as the final project for an upper division business module.
“EXCELLENT work on your final project - one of the best I’ve seen…you are an excellent writer and I’ve really enjoyed having you in class. Your final grade on the project is 400/400 = A.”
— Advertising professor’s comments, May 2010

“Had my first YA novel with an agent at Trident Media Group last fall. She sent it to Harper Collins, and Penguin. Positive feedback, but no one bought…when I contacted my agent a couple months ago, she said she’s no longer with the agency…I never heard back. Your brilliant paper is helping me jump over the mental hurdle that is traditional publishing.”
— email from a reader/writer, July 2010

“The exact same thing is happening with film. You’re on the right track!”
—Su-An Ng, Designer / Animator / Filmmaker (won the 2nd Place Legacy Award at the 2010 Vancouver Women in Film Festival)