The Death Trip

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Marion Stein
Marion Stein is a native New Yorker who returned to her hometown in September 2001 after living many other places. She has an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence as well as an MSW from Hunter College. Marion's careers have included crisis clinician, teacher, tarot card reader,  More...


The Simulated Life Elapsed Experience Process aka The Death Trip -- "comfort care for the dying" or something more nefarious? And is there a connection to the newest designer drug? After the death of his beloved grandmother, Chuck decides to investigate. He soon finds himself torn between two women -- the activist who suspects a dark agenda and the beautiful MD who helped create the process.

The Death Trip was originally written for the 3 Day Novel Contest. I want to explore questions about end of life and the choices we make. I'm a big fan of The Matrix, especially the first film, and The Death Trip is an exploration of the question -- if given the choice between a reality of death and suffering or a dream of an idealized existence, which would you choose?

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection in Novella Form, December 1, 2009
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This review is from: The Death Trip (Kindle Edition)
I downloaded the sample of this short story/novella and was immediately hooked. For 99 cents, it was a no-brainer to buy. The author does an excellent job of quickly developing the characters and their relationships while moving the story along at a good clip. The plot touches on very sensitive topics, and shows both sides of the issues fairly equitably, though there's clearly a bias in the end. And the ending was perfection. I look forward to reading more of Marion Stein's work! Review by: C

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Koeber on Dec. 01, 2009 : starstarstarstarstar
Excellent story on a compelling subject. The story is eerily believable, and the author clearly has a solid knowledge of end of life dilemma. I have worked in the hospice field for many, many years and found this book riveting, funny and poignant. Not usually a sci-fi fan, but thoroughly enjoyed this. Five stars!

Review by: PD Allen on Nov. 20, 2009 : starstarstarstarstar
Grim story, the last third is pretty intense. The author has developed some intriguing ideas about medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and consumer culture. She has an adequate knowledge of pharmacology and ethnobotanics. I love a good corporate conspiracy, and this one is very well-done, making possible some interesting statements about the modern world in which we live. The ending presents the main character with a tremendous dilemma.