Time Witch

ABOUT Jessica Wagner

Jessica Wagner
I'm a woman who is aspiring to become a writer, wants to travel the world, settle down, have kids, and live happily ever after.Currently I am working on the first step of this program and am mid the first draft of Marked by Time, an urban fantasy novel with romantic elements.



Jasmine Walt thinks she has her life plotted out just the way she wants it. She's going to get her college degree, become a world famous artist, marry, and have some kids-- in that order.

Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. She is attacked in Central Park by a scary man that doesn't seem quite human, and saved by a stranger related to an old friend that turns out to have super human speed.

Jaz is injured, and during a second attack by another person-- one she thought she knew well-- she finds out that she has a power she didn't even know about: the ability to stop time. She is quickly initiated into the world of the demon-hunters and begins a rigorous training program in which she attempts to hone her mysterious time-bending powers.

This doesn't stop the demons from continuing to try to attack her-- and when they take the person that Jaz loves most, she must figure out what to do to set things right before it is too late.