Life's Promises

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Liz Cosline
Life Ownership Coach - certified/Team Enhancer.  In business for over 22 years receiving several awards for team management and enhancement.

Write articles and tips on team building, business, also poetry, and do workshops.

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Life's Promises is poetry that goes to the inside. It encompasses different parts of life that allow the reader to dream, reflect, and capture the soul�s desires. There is no one theme for life is made up of thousands of feelings, hundreds and hundreds of thoughts, and sometimes confusing messages. But in taking a little time to look inside much of this becomes clearer. Poetry is a way to find the guarded parts of our being, come in contact with parts we have not thought about, and often to explore new horizons of our beings.

Life's Promises looks at different aspects of life, thoughts, and feelings that have the reader take a look at what is inside a life. What are the beliefs that swirl through a person's life?
Are things on course?
Have beliefs changed?
What is important?
Where are the dreams?
What direction does your imagination go?

Take a look inside your being.Give it the attention it deserves.