Fourth Grade Technology: 32 Lessons Every Fourth Grade Can Accomplish

ABOUT Kali Delamagente

Kali Delamagente
We are a publisher of computer workbooks for K-8, and how-to workbooks for college-bound high schoolers.



A year's-worth of age-appropriate computer lessons--32 multimedia projects--in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Google Earth, keyboarding, computer parts, vocabulary, and solving common computer problems. The unique combination of projects and skills, introduced according to a proven timetable, morph a student from computer novice to enthusiast. No other technology learning system has been tested in more circumstances, with more teacher experience levels, from home schooling to running a computer lab. You'll find step-by-step lesson plans enhanced with the most popular internet edutainment sites, examples of completed work, vocabulary builders and collaborations with classroom curriculum that meet and exceed ISTE, NCLB and most state elementary school technology standards--all done by providing a sense of wonder along the way and achievement at the end. This is part of the six-volume technology training series for kindergarten through fifth grade. During these years, students learn hundreds of computer skills while exploring math, science, literature, grammar, spelling, problem-solving, critical thinking. See the publisher's website for free downloads and more details.

These workbooks are part of my real-life virtual classroom. I'm a technology teacher and not only use these workbooks, but wikis, blogs, internet start pages, everything I can to help kids learn faster and better. Visit my website at for more information.

I love this series. It shows exactly what to teach, when, so I don't try to introduce a tech skill too early (without the appropriate background). There aren't steps for each skill--I contacted the publisher before buying and I agree with them; there are just too many differing platforms out there. The important part was keeping tech fun by introducing only the skills they were ready to learn.

The author often lists free versions of software if the user doesn't have the suggested version, or you can contact them for ideas. And, they thought ahead to putting the entire workbook in a three ring binder, making it easy to remove reproducibles for copying without ruining the book.

BTW--lots of grading rubrics, samples, and a wonderful list of kid-friendly websites. If you're a homeschooler, this is a great resource.