D.U.I. Don't Underestimate It

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John Wylie
John Noble Wylie is a native of Scotland who emerged from the slums of Glasgow with a Bsc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He embarked on a career that led to a position as a company executive with a large international aerospace company. He immigrated to the USA in 1991 where he live More...


The true story of a remarkable episode in the life of the author. From his humble upbringing in Glasgow, Scotland to the dizzying heights of corporate America. Living the American Dream, travelling the world on business and leading the life of a millionaire. A lifestyle he was to enjoy for decades until his ”live life to the full" attitude ultimately lead to his downfall in the corporate world. A rollercoaster of a read, candidly written in the authors unique style. Covering subjects as diverse as receiving an MBA, alcohol addiction and going to jail to name but a few. Humorous, serious, bizarre. Unputdownable

D.U.I. Don't Underestimate It is the true story of a Scotsman from the slums of Glasgow who rose to become a company executive leading the life of a millionaire in corporate America, only to find the American Dream become a nightmare. A brutally honest no holes barred account of greed, alcoholism and ultimately prison and financial ruin. A stranger than fiction, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic story that will leave the reader spellbound



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Posted June 30, 2009, 5:01 PM EST: This book is a MUST READ for anyone looking for some cheap entertainment. John Wylie captures your attention from page 1, and leaves you wanting WAY more by the end of it all. This book tells a great story of a Scottish immigrant who comes to the United States and lives the corporate life. Fast cars, private jets, fast women, and unfortunately for Mr. Wylie - world class drinks! A D.U.I changes his world upside down, and will make you think twice about getting one. This book should be a must read for all teenagers before they are given a drivers license. I HIGHLY recommend this classic!
5.0 out of 5 stars OLD Memories, 21 Jun 2010 ( Barnes&Noble)

By Mr. A. Fogarty - See all my reviews
This review is from: D.U.I: Don't Underestimate It! (Paperback)

This book was recommended to me by a friend.I used to be an avid reader but had not read a book in years.I had a look at the back and discovered the author was from the same part of the world as me.So I thought I would read a page or two.It was a nice sunny day so I thought I would take a small refreshment with me and head for the garden.Three or more small refreshments later I had finished the book.It was a spellbinding read,I could not not stop turning the pages.After reading the book I could not get it out of my head,my mind kept wandering back to it and the life the author had lead.A truly amazing read.I'm sure there will be a sequel and I will be queuing up to buy it. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews (amazon.co.uk)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read!, 1 Sep 2009

By S. Hodge (Scotland) - See all my reviews
This review is from: D.U.I: Don't Underestimate It! (Paperback)
I got this book and read it from cover to cover at one sitting! It captures the imagination and allows for a fun and enjoyable read. Can't wait for the next installment! (amazon.co.uk)