ABOUT Precious Williams

Precious Williams
PRECIOUS WILLIAMS was first published aged eight when her poem took first prize in a poetry competition (she won £2).
Since then she has been a Contributing Editor at Elle, Cosmopolitan and the Mail on Sunday. ¬†Precious's work has also been published in The Times, Marie Claire, t More...



SEX AND SENSIBILITY brings together the voices of some of America's most cutting-edge contemporary writers as they capture the joys, travails, and sheer exhilaration of life outside of marriage and motherhood in what Genevieve Field calls 'a funny, sexy manual on the art and occasional artlessness of living single'.
In wide-ranging pieces entitled 'Cut and Shave', 'Medusa's Sister' and 'One Way to Stay Warm in Winter', contributors from Lisa Carver to Julianna Baggott and Thisbe Nissen write about a woman whose 'long dry spell' is about to end - with mortifying and uproarious results; a university undergraduate discovering sex for the first time; and what happens when two best friends take in a (seductive) male roommate. Lisa Gabriele chronicles the dead-end relationships that lead back to her solitary single state. Celebrity interviewer Precious Williams gets a lot more than 'Two Dollars a Word' when she takes a famous rapper up on his sexy invitation. From Pam Houston to Jennifer Weiner, Elissa Schappell to Eliza Minot, featuring topics as diverse as long-distance dating, twenty-something divorce, and online crushes, SEX AND SENSIBILITY is filled with humour and heartache, vivid imagery, and no-holds-barred language. An unabashedly erotic, frank, and explicit anthology that celebrates singlehood and sisterhood, this is the quintessential handbook for today's independent women.