Haunting Injustice

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Mickey Mills

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Mickey Mills

Mickey Mills
Fiction writer, world traveler, explorer, dog lover, patriot and vagabond.  Dichotomy of the third kind. Enjoys...Mozart and Metallica - Rembrant and R. Crumb. -Paula Dean and Pizza Hut -Harley Davidson and... there is no and!


In a Leon County courthouse, an innocent man is convicted of his wife's brutal murder. Hope for a successful retrial ends when his life is taken by another inmate. Now he'll have to prove his innocence from beyond the grave.

Enter noted paranormal researcher, Phoenix Worthy. With his talented crew of ghost hunters in tow, he heads to Tallahassee to chase down the spirit raising havoc in the District Attorney's office. What he finds is a miscarriage of justice and an elusive ghost, hell-bent on redemption. One by one, Phoenix uncovers a series of lies and half-truths to reveal a deadly game of hide and seek that brings his team face to face with a malicious killer.

The ghost hunters spiral towards an unlikely confrontation and the life of the woman Phoenix loves hangs in the balance. The only question left is - who is more deadly... the killer or the ghosts of his victims?

The bulk of this novel was written on the road. Many nights in the tent were spent hammering out chapters and making progress. Sometimes, I would pull into a picnic area and get some writing done sitting at a table. I wrote some in a truck stop, a doughnut shop, a Starbucks, and the Pomona KOA. I spent ten days in a campground in Tombstone. I was able to get several thousand words done there. It was the most productive time of the trip. I was caught off guard by the impromptu hail storm in the middle of the afternoon. In case you ever wondered, hailstones banging on canvas is very loud.

From Amazon Readers - Five Star Reviews...

“Couldn't turn the pages fast enough.”

“Turn on the lights and set aside enough time to finish this. You won't want to set it down.”

AMAZING read!!! This thrilling suspense is right up there with like likes of John Saul and Dean Koontz! Hands down THE BEST book I have read in years!!! I read it in less than 24 hours! Could NOT put it down!! Excellently written, riveting plot line and characters!! Keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page!!

“Mickey has his own style of writing, vivid, fun, and eerie all at the same time!”

“Mickey Mills' cast of ghost hunters brings a much needed freshness to standard paranormal fare. Cleverly written with touches of humor and lots of spine-tingling thrills, this book is a must-read.

"Definitely a story leaving you wanting more! I found it difficult to put the book down, there were times I found myself holding my breath and my heart racing as though I was going through the experience myself!! My new favorite author!"

"This writer is a new master of the paranormal suspense genre done with the pure scariness a ghost story should be and on the edge of your seat tension."

"Haunting Injustice has all the qualities I like in a book: interesting characters, a nicely twisted plot, a little suspense, a little fear, a hint of romance, with a nice, tidy ending."

"Haunting Injustice" was awesome, riveting, gripping, tantalizing and impossible to put down. It smacks of Patterson, Grisham and Sandford rolled into one and topped off with oodles of supernatural twists and turns. His characters are immediately both believable and likable."

"I vehemently advise readers, start reading early in the evening because you won't be able to put it down and may well end up with a sleepless night. It grips you in the first chapter and never lets go."