Elizabeth Ann and The Terrible Terror of Tallaght!

ABOUT Sterling Conway

Sterling Conway
I am 6'3", 195 lbs. and so handsome women cry (apologies to Sonny Bono).


A young girl and her male cousin accidentally travel backwards some thousands of years in time (don't you just hate it when that happens to you?). There they meet an out-of -work goddess and her companions, a huge talking wolf and a drachen (a cousin of the dragons) that can't fly straight. With these and two cowardly gnomes, who have the gift of size and speed, the cousins form an alliance against the terminally evil Tallaght, the villain of the story. Tallaght is a horrible creature, part human, part animal without any redeeming social features whatever who wants to impose his evil will on the world and trample it into submssion beneath his feet. Sort of like your average politician.

Join with our brave little group as they travel to the Darklands to battle the vile Tallaght and his ghastly creatures, the gargoyle-like Agats.

This little story, part fantasy, part adventure and, hopefully, all enjoyable emphisizes what can be accomplished by little people banding together and opposing an apparently overwhelming, hostile force. Such as Tallaght, politicians, tax collectors, etc.

"After you read one of Conway's books everyone else's will seem so much better."
                                                                                     Everyone else

"I read this book and my acne cleared right up."

"Some parts of his writing are not as bad as others."
                                                                                       Mrs. Conway