Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Sue Ann Bowling

Publisher : iUniverse

ABOUT Sue Ann Bowling

Sue Ann Bowling
I earned my A.B in Physics from Harvard/Radcliffe in 1963, and my PhD in Geophysics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1970. As my dissertation was on ice fog (which isn't found just anywhere) I stayed at the University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute until I retired in 1998. (Ye More...


This book is a story of some of the remote descendants of those Humans who followed their R’il’nian progenitor to the stars a hundred millennia ago.  The R’il’nai are approaching extinction and the survival of Humanity depends on the recent R’il’nian-Human crossbreds. Homecoming is the tale of two R’il’nians, each believing that he or she is the last survivor of their species, and of a slave boy who is far more than he will admit, even to himself.

I've been telling myself stories for years--back to grade school, at least. Gradually they coalesced into a coherent universe, and started demanding to be let out of my head. I started writing them down over 15 years ago. It took numerous rewrites and rearrangements to get a part of Roi's early life down as Homecoming and its sequel (which should be out spring 2011) Tourist Trap.

Second place in science fiction, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award.
 "If you're looking for a science Fiction adventure that has some thought behind it, I highly recommend this story."
Reader Views Review
"A completely original story, with both fresh ideas and sound science."
Clarion ForeWord Reviews

"This novel's characters may have complex backgrounds, but by the end of the tale they've all become dear to the reader. The questions they face are as relevant here and now as to their distant lives—duty, love, freedom, honor, security, fatherhood—and the detailed world they inhabit is almost real."
Sheila Deeth on Gather

"Do yourself a favor - READ THIS BOOK!"
Denz Ramblings

"If you like science fiction, this is an amazing read. The story twists and turns, with action and adventure, and the characters step right off the page. I would think a book club or reading group would find this an interesting and attractive reading addition for their members."
Leslie Wright, Blogcritics