The Secrets of the Unwritten Book:The Fate of a Planet

The Secrets of the Unwritten Book:The Fate of a Planet

ABOUT Malika Bourne

Malika Bourne
I co-authored my first novel with my best friend, Grace Rose. I am not just an ordinary baby boomer. I wear creative skirts when every one else wears blue jeans. I can make magic wands from pop-cicle sticks and kites from plastic  grocery bags and string. I can make a meal from a shoe bo More...


Two friends, predestined to rendezvous on the planet Mylantra, discover secrets about themselves; the planet Mylantra where they live and  the planet Lamoria, where they come from. Each are awakened to the facts that their entire lives had been a collection of notes about the universe. Every chapter of thier lives had been carefully monitored pieces of a masterfully woven tapestry puzzle written inside of a magical book that had existed for eons. Grac eand Anna discover that they are the characters in this book , but it is unwritten in time. They must re-write the unwritten book in order to expose the secrets of the knowlege that will lead hem back to the home planet. Their every move is monitored by the angelic  realm, who do things the reader will not expect. Co-authors Malika Bourne and Grace Rose invite you on a journey of self discovery.

Malika Bourne and Grace Rose in real life are the best of friends. Grace has been channeling the angelic realm for over tweny years. Malika has 'known things' since she was ten, but the word 'clairvoyant never occured to here until she and Grace became friends.( This is not biographical.) The Secrets of the Unwritten Book was channeled an written with automatic writing. Why fiction, if it came from angelic inspiration? "They' say that through out history the master teachers and sages told stories and parables to convey complex concepts. For those who love mataphores, alagories, play on words, riddles and achronyms this book is loaded. So much so, the co-authors have not even figured them all out, yet. The end was written first. But when the angels pulled out a few suprise chapters, a few details changed in the final chaper from the origional manuscript. Neither Malika or Grace saw some of the twists and turns that came as the final draft was being prepared to send to Author House. Malika Bourne blogs on Twitter; Malika's Secrets / Secrets of the Unwritten Book. (It is linked to other social networks also.) She tells about the oops! of becoming first time authors and other tid bits about how the book was written.