Best of Faith, Fiction, Fun, And Fanciful

Best of Faith, Fiction, Fun, And Fanciful

ABOUT Lynn Squire

Lynn Squire
Lynn Squire grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta where she spent her days playing a pioneer or a character from a book (and every so often succumbing to her parents’ work ethic). Her imagination would take her to faraway places and on grand adventures. But the greatest adventure beg More...


See the human condition, explore our journey, discover where freedom is found in this collection of short stories, poetry, and devotionals.

You have heard that life is a journey. We are born to a course . . . Faith, Fiction, Fun, and Fanciful evolved from reflecting upon the paths of life I have journeyed and the lives of those I’ve met along the way. Some of those paths have led to periods of joy, some periods of sorrow, and some periods of remorse. These are the ways of life.

For the most part, we govern our pilgrimage by our desire for joy, love, peace, and the good things of life. We seek out places of inspiration and of safety . . . Yet, life holds more.

On our journey we reach a crossroad, a place where we must choose between two paths. One path leads us toward true freedom while the other leads away from it.

Do you know the condition of your heart? Do you know the destination of your journey? Have you found ultimate freedom?

Join us on this the journey of life, through its rises and falls, its joy and sorrow, and its moments of revelation.

Come walk with Harry on a tightrope across a snake pit; become a superhero on a haystack; and be inspired by other characters as they journey through life in the pursuit of the most desirable freedom mankind can ever know.

“Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom. Verily I say unto you, today shall you be with Me in paradise.” Luke 23:42-43 KJV

Condemned criminal Samuel has one hope for paradise. Do you?

Mousy Anne Kawalsky fears everyone, but can she come out of her hole to save her sister when Anne witnesses her sibling buying drugs?