The Angel with a Broken Heart

The Angel with a Broken Heart

ABOUT Leslie Michael

Leslie Michael
An expert on the untold stories behind the bible


The incredible story of the great battle for Heaven. Lucifer was the "Bearer of Light," the "Shining Star of Dawn," the "Son of the Morning." He was a magnificent angel of dazzling brightness and awesome beauty. A supernatural being, perfect in every way from the day he was created from fire and embedded with precious stones, he chose to challenge the power and majesty of God. It's the untold story behind the Bible told from Lucifer's perspective.

At a dinner party in the spring of 2007 a woman asked Leslie Michael how the Serpent came to be in the Garden of Eden, free to mingle with Adam and Eve – God’s noblest of creations. Mr. Michael admitted he did not know but assured the lady that there must be a story to it. He was determined to find out what could have possibly taken place and set about the unenviable task of putting his research into this book.

Written in a non-confrontational manner, it invites further intelligent discussion and a meaningful dialogue about a magnificent angel who was cast into the Sea of Flames; a revengeful angel who swore vengeance; a rebellious angel who dared to challenge God.