A Little Bit of Sin

General Fiction

By Nikki G

Publisher : Iuniverse.com

A Little Bit of Sin


Nikki G
I am the author of A Little Bit of Sin.Sinatra is the fabric that holds her family together. Her world begins to unravel when she finds lipstick on her husband’s briefs that isn’t hers.  Available locally in San Diego, CA and online at amazon.com, barnesandnobles.com and various other More...


Sinatra Graham is a focused business woman, supportive wife to husband Tyrelle, and loving mother juggling four children: sixteen-year-old gang-banger-in training Kerry and thirteen-year-old twins Shirelle the cheerleader and TJ the wanna-be cheerleader.  Between chauffeuring them to cheer, football practices and games and being a dutiful wife to an anxious husband whose single friend, Vernon, is livin’ la vida loca, Sinatra barely has time to blink.  At work at her beauty salon, She's Gotta Have It, with close friends, barbers Perry and Ignacio, manicurist Mai, and her cousin, the pretentious Berta, there’s never a dull moment especially after they get new neighbors on the block. Life for Sinatra is all peaches and cream until she discovers a smear of lipstick on her husband’s boxer-briefs that is definitely not her shade and her once picture perfect existence is shattered forcing Sinatra into a vortex of doubt and turmoil causing her to question if life as she knows it will ever be the same. She is then forced to reexamine, redirect and rededicate herself to what's really important…her sanity, her family or her next move.

A Little Bit of Sin came to be as a way to pass time as the children I cared for were sleeping. I had just received a lap top as a gift from one of my younger brothers and began tinkering with it and began writing this story. The story began to evolve over time and I would share it with my clients when they arrived to pick up their children. They loved it and would ask for more and so it began.

A Little Bit of Sin took the number 9 spot in Urbanbooksource.com's Top 10 Books in Review for 2009.