The Long Way Home

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Phillip Overton
Phillip Overton is the author of three novels, Last Wish of Summer, A Walk Before Sunrise and The Long Way Home. A writer with the ability to create extraordinary tales from the ashes of ordinary circumstance, his works have been compared to Nicholas Sparks and William P Young, author of t More...


Doug Small was always destined to be a good father. However, the 1980's would be a decade of rebuilding his life after his marriage to Rowena ends in failure. For their son Simon, the decade would be one of survival, living with his mother in their home in Gosford, north of Sydney, Australia.
Forced to watch helplessly as his mother's life spirals downward into a cycle of depression and violence, Simon becomes aware of a guiding presence in his life. Is this same presence also at work in his father's life, and could it in fact be an Angel guiding both of them towards their destiny?
The Long Way Home tackles the question, why do bad things happen to good people? It gives us the answer in an endearing way, reassuring the reader that better days are just around the next corner. A fine mix of life inspiring drama with a touch of supernatural gentleness, it is a story that will leave the reader feeling better for having read it. It is a reminder of how life is a journey leading into a future blinded by endless possibilities, and how sometimes it is waiting to lead us the long way home.

An entrant in the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards, the 15th Annual Writer's Digest self-published book award and the 2007 Queensland Premier's Book Awards, Australian author Phillip Overton's first novel The Long Way Home has been compared with William P. Young's million copy bestseller The Shack.

INSPIRING MESSAGE. THE LONG WAY HOME by author Phillip Overton explores the question of why bad things happen to good people. With an inspiring theme, the book centres on the lives of Doug and Rowena Small and their son, Simon. Overton's descriptive passages vividly set the stage and bring the setting of Gosford, Australia to life. The author's voice rings through without being intrusive or overwhelming. The story moves along at a pace appropriate to the story and situation. The story concept is compelling and includes the right amount of suspense to keep the reader's interest. The compulsion to turn the page stays with the reader from start to finish.

Official Review from 15th Annual Writer's Digest International self-published Book Awards, USA