Angel's Requiem

ABOUT Kate Kindle

Kate Kindle
I'm a writer who works in a varitey of genres.  Mystery, romance and children's books.  My first novel: "Angel's Requiem" is new at under my pen name, Kate Kindle.  This is a story from my heart.  My heroine, lawyer Libby Cervallo, has recently recovered from b More...



Halloween!  Early on the morning of All Saints Day, a most privileged scion to an art fortune, is found hanging  from the world's most famous angel fountain in a Harlequin costume.  As the mystery unfolds, his dear friend Libby Cervallo, holds close the strength he has given her as she overcame breast cancer and uses her considerable intelligence to solve the questions surrounding Rico's death.  Each life impacts so many other lives and so with Rico Nasi.  His death sets off a chain of events that will eventually resolve a generational curse, cure financial problems of an international nature, and, last but not least, bring Libby Cervallo her one true love.