Isolated Desire

Young Adult, Mystery & Thrillers

By Jordan Nichols

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Isolated Desire

ABOUT Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols
I am 16 years old and i have been writing seriously for almost 4 years now. I have two books currently on the market and three currently on the way. Though i am pretty young to be taken seriously in the general public my writing shows that of a much more mature mind. I wish to have people  More...



This is my second novel and so far my favorite. I based the verse style on Ellen Hopkins books along with wording style. Its about a girl (Rachel) who faces life with neglectful parents and an abusive boyfriend who sees life through pessimistic yet poetic eyes. She looks for a way of escape but when she finds out that she is responsible then more than just her own life, she has to realize that an escape just isn't an option. But can she do it when heroin gets thrown into the mix by force?

Actually i was talking on the phone with a friend to mine about trying to write in the style of Ellen Hopkins. I decided to give it a go and wrote 10 pages. I got great feedback from it and decided to write more in my free time if i felt depressed as an experiment. I haven't really lived through any of this story i just wanted to create another lifestyle to prove to myself that people, everyday people, have it much worse than i do. It helped me get through rough days and was a lot of fun to experiment with. I had a lot of fun writing it and decided people may agree with my thoughts so i wanted to share it.