General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By George H. Sirois

Publisher : Infinity Publishing / Smashwords

ABOUT George H. Sirois

George H. Sirois
George H. Sirois began creating his own characters in 1985 and has since written various short stories, screenplays and one-act plays.  He co-wrote the book to “Halloween at Belvedere: A Monster Musical Adventure,” which was performed in New York City’s Central Park on Halloween we More...


"Matthew, so few humans achieve their destiny before leaving this world. You have that chance."

Created by high school senior Matthew Peters, Excelsior - savior of faraway planet Denab IV - is becoming an Internet sensation as the main character of a popular online comic strip.  But before Matthew can enjoy his burgeoning success, a beautiful older woman arrives at his school and tells him that not only is she from the planet Denab IV, but that Excelsior's lifeforce lives within him.  Now, with Excelsior's enemies gathering, Matthew realizes he is the key to Earth's survival and Denab IV's salvation...

Tony Acero: George H. Sirois threw me right into the fray, like a first time swimmer without a life jacket, and it was one of the most refreshing experiences. As I sat there floating in his large pool of characters and story, lacking the familiar floating devices of the Sci-Fi genre, I found myself gasping for breath in the beginning, flailing my arms like a mad man but in a fun way, then slowly gaining my composure and finally swimming steadily to the end where my only request was just a little bit more time with the characters. It was a beautiful lesson for me and I most definitely encourage you to jump in.

Steve Gustafson: This book NEEDS to be read by more people. I hear people complain about the literary world and the lack of good reading. It's out there. You just have to look for it. Folks, it's right here!